The Modern Rome + [Zaha Hadid]

Modern Architecture of Rome

Museum Maxxi

Architectural Greatness of Rome

On suburb of historical quarter of an eternal city, Rome, there was a new masterpiece — the modern art. Architectural style of museum Maxxi is recognized. Certainly, it's Zaha Hadid.

Greatness of a city cannot be frozen in histories, differently a city dies. And here art of integration of traces of new time in a cultural heritage of the last epoch is there is that most advanced stage of skill madly claimed in the present.

The building has opened on November, 14th. Galleries will be filled only in the spring, until then the building will function as an open exposition of modern architecture (possibly).

At first sight the building looks marvellously quiet. In a southern part soft, almost silky concrete forms hide behind the old factory which premise has been transformed to gallery for expositions. In northern wing to the review roundish lines of walls of the basic galleries open.

Maxxi museum

Similar ideas of Zaha Hadid used and earlier, for example, for factory BMW in Leipzig. In Rome this strategy reaches the apogee. The bookshop, cafe, information racks are informally scattered in a spacious lobby. Through space the monumental backstairs disappearing in narrow gorge make the way. Twisting forms of an interior involve you in original game where you search and expect that will be behind following turn…

Maxxi Museum by Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid has thought up flexible system of pendant parts with which help it is possible to divide integral space into small galleries. Success, in the given relation, the project becomes clear only in some years; to experience the space, all possibilities and features, intensive enough practical experience is necessary for public.